Square Bowl Mini

Square Bowl Mini

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The ceramic bowl is an ideal vessel for serving various types of snacks, salads, fruit and desserts. The bowl is made of high-quality ceramics, which ensures durability and an elegant appearance. Its shape is usually shallow, which makes it convenient to eat with fingers or a spoon.

The bowl can have various patterns and colors that give it an individual character and make it a beautiful decoration on the table. It may also have a lovely, delicate texture on the outside, which gives it additional charm.

Thanks to its size, the ceramic snack or salad bowl is perfect for serving smaller portions of food, which makes it perfect for parties, banquets or dinners with friends. Additionally, it is easy to keep clean and can be washed both in the dishwasher and by hand. The bowl will certainly diversify and make the table space more attractive, and at the same time ensure convenient serving of food.

The decorations are glazed, which means that our ceramics can be used in the microwave microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, etc.

Each product has a stamp, which confirms the authenticity of the original ceramics production in Bolesławiec.
Due to the entirely manual way of production, minor deviations in the shape and ornamentation between particular shape and ornamentation between individual products.

The product is of 1st class and fully approved for contact with food.

We invite you to purchase.

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