Olimp mug

Olimp mug

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Hand-painted ceramic vessel. It owes its original look and character to traditional methods of decoration – brush and stamp.
The decorations are glazed, which means that our ceramics can be used in the microwave microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, etc.

Each product has a stamp, which confirms the authenticity of the original ceramics production in Bolesławiec.
Due to the entirely manual way of production, minor deviations in the shape and ornamentation between particular shape and ornamentation between individual products.

The product is of 1st class and fully approved for contact with food.

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Imagine a morning scenario: you wake up in the morning, the coffee is brewing in the coffee machine, and you already know that you would like to feel its aroma and warmth in a beautiful ceramic mug. This ceramic mug will not only delight you with its aesthetics, but also with its excellent workmanship.
Made of high-quality ceramics, perfectly insulating heat and ensuring comfort while drinking your favorite coffee or tea. Its delicate shape and workmanship make it not only practical, but also an elegant addition to your daily routine. Take care of your morning moments of relaxation and reach for this unique ceramic mug that will add charm to your every morning.

The decorations are underglaze, which means that our ceramics can be used in the kitchen without any problems.
microwave, oven, dishwasher, etc.

Each product includes a stamp that confirms the authenticity of the production of original ceramics in the city
Due to the completely manual production method, slight deviations in shape are possible
dishes and decorations between individual products.

A 1st grade product, fully approved for contact with food.

Welcome to purchase.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 9 cm


Kubek Olimp

A-13, AT-11, AT-20, AT-33, AT-41, AT-42, E-02, EE-5


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